About Watch-O-Scope

Watch-O-Scope is a combination of hardware (currently DIY only) and Windows-compatible software for diagnosing, testing, and regulating mechanical watches. It is based on the same concepts as stand-alone electronic watch timing machines, but uses the power of the modern PC to provide features that mid-20th century watchmakers could only dream of. Watch-O-Scope is comparable in features to very high-end dedicated watch timing machine costing thousands, but at the price point of introductory level hobbyist watch timers.

Lite and Pro Versions

Watch-O-Scope has both basic features found in entry level stand-alone watch timers, and advanced capabilities normally only found in high-end models. When first downloaded, all features are available for evaluation for a period of 60 days from the date of first use. After that, Watch-O-Scope will continue to work, but with only its basic features enabled (the "Lite" version), and may continue to be used this way in non-commercial settings (for example, by a watch hobbyist).

Those users who wish to have continued access to the advanced features (the "Pro" version) after 60 days, or those who will be using Watch-O-Scope in a commercial endeavour (for example, a professional watchmaker) must purchase an activation key for the Pro version.

Feature Overview

Watch-O-Scope is very easy to use. For basic watch timing operations, one need only put the watch into the microphone stand, turn on the amplifier, and click one button. When needed, an intuitive user interface also gives access to a variety of more powerful features.

Read More

The complete manual for Watch-O-Scope is on-line, where you can read about all the features and how to use them.

System requirements can be found on the download page.